An Implant Surgeon's Complete Guide to Digital Transformation


• To differentiate between digital workflow and digital transformation.
• To understand the role of digital transformation in the implementation of new technology.
• To identify common mistakes made by surgeons during digital transformation.
• To understand the impact of digitization on the surgeons-patient relationship.
• To explore how to reduce risk during digital transformation.
• To understand the software, materials, and equipment for digital dental applications.
• To discuss when to manufacture in-office and when to send to a lab or milling center.


Within implant dentistry, digital workflow is the utilization of digital technology to standardize daily practice operations. Digital Transformation, however, goes beyond the scope of traditional digital workflow, and refers to the cultural transformation a practice must undergo in order to reap the benefits of this new technology. Digital transformation requires rethinking the products and services of a practice, rather than just its operations.

In the past, many surgeons have prioritized selecting equipment (digital workflow) without first considering the impact of new technology on their practice, patients, staff, and referring doctors (digital transformation). This has caused many digital initiatives to become overly costly, inefficient, and ineffective. During this course, we will explore the nuances of digital transformation. Participants will learn the necessary steps they must take before, during, and after purchasing new equipment in order to optimize their practice operations. Following the course, participants will have the necessary knowledge to successfully digitize their practices while avoiding common pitfalls of other surgeons.


OMS, Periodontists








7 hours