The Zygomatic Patient: Treatment Protocols for Immediacy


• Introduce the Zones of the maxilla
• Present the factors to consider when placing axial, tilted,
reversed tilted and the zygoma implant in reconstruction of the
edentulous maxillae
• Discuss the algorithm to achieve adequate insertion torque
• Understand evolutions in zygomatic implant designs
• Review preoperative determination of the reasons and the
technique for alveoloplasty prior to implant placement
• Review the SRA abutment and its role in the immediate
conversion of the patient’s denture to a fixed provisional
• Participants will have the opportunity to do a hands-on session
on models.


The evaluation of patients for immediate loading who have with terminal dentition, especially in the maxilla, may at times be challenging. This presentation and hands-on course will discuss and showcase simple pre-operative techniques to predictably evaluate the type of final prosthesis needed for this group of patients. Patients generally are presented with treatment plans to
undergo removal of their teeth followed by several months of wearing a nonfunctional full denture as the alveolar ridge heals. This is an uncomfortable phase of their treatment and therefore, many patients who may be presented with this treatment option chose not to have any form of treatment performed.

In this presentation, several cases will be shown to demonstrate the efficacy of immediate loading the terminal dentition patient eliminating the denture wearing phase. This presentation will outline an efficient and predictable treatment protocol allowing for a higher case acceptance by the patient with terminal dentition.


Surgeons, OMS, Dentists, Periodontists, Restorative Dentists, General Practitioners, Prosthodontists, Implant Coordinators, Specialists








5.5 hours