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Sunil Abraham

Certified 3Shape Trainer,

• Director of Technology at Jurim Dental Studio • Chief Technology Officer at integratedDENTAL • Digital Technology Administrator at Touro College of Dental Medicine • Co-Founder, Chief Technology Officer - CADpro Academy • Bachelors in Biology, Minor in C.S. from SUNY Old Westbury • 3Shape-Certified Trainer (TRIOS®, Design Studio®, Implant Studio®) Mr. Sunil Abraham is highly specialized in the field of CAD/CAM dentistry. He was introduced to the field on dentistry on the laboratory end in 2007 working in Jurim Dental Studio to facilitate adoption of digital manufacturing techniques. He quickly began working clinically with Drs. Jurim and helped with transforming their practice into an entirely digital workspace. With both clinical and laboratory acumen, Mr. Abraham now serves as the Chief Technology Officer and manages the Digital Department at Jurim Dental Studio, as well as the Digital Lab in Drs. Alan and Barbara Jurim’s dental practice, integratedDENTAL. With intimate experience in CAD/CAM dentistry on both the clinical and lab end, Mr. Abraham has positioned himself in the field of digital dentistry as a top 3Shape-certified TRIOS® trainer. He has completed well over 100 trainings on the TRIOS® in the past two years. Mr. Abraham is also well-versed in other CAD/CAM methods and technologies and has extensively trained on many different scanners, milling machines, and 3D printers. As such, he is able to help dentists determine which technologies they require specific for the type of digital practice they want to grow. At Touro College of Dental Medicine, Mr.Abraham helped establish the digital dentistry curriculum and played a critical part in helping to integrate 3D scanners, design stations, and 3D printers into the clinics. Mr. Abraham resides on Long Island with his family. He enjoys spending time with his friends and family.

Current Courses

  • Taking TRIOS to the Next Level

    Taking TRIOS to the Next Level

    Digital technology promises to increase case acceptance, improve clinical predictability, elevate our patient’s experience and streamline team communication. But how does all of this actually come together? Whether you are a surgical or restorative clinician, investing in a TRIOS intraoral scanner is the critical first step in implementing digital techniques in dentistry. To realize its true potential it is necessary to learn how to combine intraoral scanning with other digital data like photography, radiology, and a variety of 3Shape software solutions.

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