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Dr. Raed Ajlouni

Dr. Raed Ajlouni is a Clinical Professor in the Restorative Sciences Department and is a member of the graduate faculty at Texas A&M College of Dentistry. He is active in research, development and evaluation of dental biomaterials and techniques for bonding, esthetic dentistry and implants. Dr. Ajlouni lectures both nationally and internationally on Esthetic Dentistry, Implant Dentistry and CAD CAM. He maintains a private practice emphasizing advanced esthetic and Implant dentistry.

Current Courses

  • Principles and Practice of Implant Dentistry

    Principles and Practice of Implant Dentistry

    The course is designed for dentists who are interested in gaining knowledge with dental implants. It will give the general dentist an overview of implant systems and their applications and will give participants the tools they need for successful diagnosis, treatment planning, implant selection and the process of creating a life like restoration. It will also give dentists an overview of advanced technologies including CAD-CAM and their applications in implant dentistry. The purpose of this course is the development of a better understanding of the use of implants in clinical dentistry regarding identification of implant components for impression taking and restoration fabrication.

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  • An Introduction to Implant Surgery: A Laboratory Hands-on Course

    An Introduction to Implant Surgery: A Laboratory Hands-on Course

    Dental professionals to include oral surgeons, periodontists,endodontists, prosthodontists, and general dental practitioners are performing a multitude of implant surgical procedures. Implant supported restorations are often the most predictable, functional, esthetic and conservative therapeutic option for replacement of hopeless or missing teeth and with appropriate training implant placement is well within the range of surgically oriented dental practitioners. The long-term success of implant-supported restorations requires a systematic approach to the selection of appropriate diagnostic tools, risk assessment, treatment options evaluation, and surgical and restorative protocols. If you plan to incorporate implant surgery into your daily practice or just want to become more knowledgeable about it, this course will be of great value and aid to you and your perspective implant patients. Powerpoint, video demonstrations with hands-on training will be given in this course

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  • Successful Implant Esthetics in Everyday Practice

    Successful Implant Esthetics in Everyday Practice

    Tooth replacement with dental implants has a proven high success rate. However restoring anterior teeth with implants remains a technique sensitive task. In the anterior region the surgical and restorative team is challenged with esthetic as well as functional success. Today’s patients and dentists alike have increased demands for optimal esthetics. This caused a paradigm shift from defining success of the dental implant as osseointegration into bone to defining success to also include a natural integration and blending of the prosthesis with the teeth and surrounding tissues. Any impairment in the esthetic outcome may be considered to be a failure.

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