Dental Implant Symposium:

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Opening and Welcome

Welcome to the Dental Implant Symposium! Learn the scientific objectives of the meeting.

30 Years of Clinical Success in Implant Dentistry with Professor Dr. Urs Belser

Implant dentistry has evolved tremendously in the last 30 years. Planning a case from a restorative point of view is more and more the norm. Learn about the evolution of implant dentistry, and how to approach implant treatment planning from a restorative point of view.

Implant Innovations through Research and Development with Dr. Michel Dard*

Straumann is known worldwide for its dedication to research. Learn the story behind Straumann's surface technology and material innovations.

The Economics of Restoring Dental Implants: Chairside Milling with Dr. Khoi Ha Ngoc

Through combining intraoral scanning, chairside milling and 3D printing, restorative dentists can increase efficiency in their practices. Learn the workflow of a chairside milled restoration and when to use the chairside workflow for restorations.

Full Arch Treatment with Guided Surgery with Dr. Hassan Moghadam

Full arch treatment requires a team approach. What are the keys to success? See an overview of a dual full arch case with the implementation of guided surgery, and the possibilities for optimized treatment outcomes.

The Digital Workflow: A Team Approach with Dr. Stephen Ho

What is the best way to navigate the digital workflow as a team? How can you implement it into your practice? Learn about the digital workflow – from intraoral scanning to guided surgery to final restoration.

Patient Case Acceptance with Dr. Jill Bashutski

The key for case acceptance is effective team and patient communication. Learn how to build a successful team with specialists and referrals and how to center your business around this concept.

Innovations in Digital and Implant Dentistry with Dr. German Gallucci

This session provides special look at the future of implantology through effective treatment planning and implementing the digital workflow.

The Future of Implant Dentistry with George Reaber

Be among the first to explore the future of implant dentistry. Learn how about innovations in the marketplace and how it will impact the dental industry.

Predictability and Profitability in the Restorative Practice with Digital Dentistry with Dr. Bob Vogel

How has digital dentistry changed the dental landscape? Learn the economics behind restoring dental implants in a digital world, how to increase patient acceptance, and reduce chair time to achieve predictability and profitability in the restorative practice.

A Hygiene Approach to Success with Tracy Butler

Understand the importance of early treatment. Learn how your team can serve as force multipliers while building implant cases.

Making Digital Dentistry Profitable for the Surgical Practice with Dr. David Rallis

Incorporate digital dentistry in your practice to allow for growth. Learn how effective referral management, communication and implementation of the digital workflow increases efficiency.

Practice Efficiency Through Innovations in Implant Dentistry with Dr. Paul Fugazzotto

Understand the clinical and business approach to success as a specialist. Learn how implant selection is the driver to success.

*CE credits not applicable for this session