Digital Dentistry Symposium:

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Workshop #1

Hands-on Workshop: Using the Digital Workflow and Guided Surgery to Maximize Full Arch Case Outcomes and Patient Satisfaction with Dr. Yong-Han Koo and Dr. Miguel Vidal

In this hands-on workshop, participants will learn the fully guided digital approach to treating full arch cases, understand the benefits of a digital solution in complex cases as a turnkey option; and how to plan and treat a full arch digital case for predictable outcomes and to maximize patient satisfaction. The ideal attendee is the dental team who will treat full arch cases together.

Workshop #2

Guided Surgery Treatment Planning Workflow with Dr. Adam Hamilton and Ron Roche

In this hands-on workshop, participants will learn how to use treatment-planning software for implant cases, including how to import a dicom file, how to segment and plan the case and how to export files for printing guides.

*Participants are asked to bring a laptop

Workshop #3

The Chairside workflow for tooth-borne Restorations: Scanning, Designing and Milling a crown

This hands-on workshop is geared towards the busy general dental practice, and will focus on the digital chairside workflow. Participants will learn how to use the intraoral scanner to take digital impressions, and then plan and mill the tooth-borne restorations in office. If you want to learn HOW to use the digital equipment in your office, this is the workshop you won't want to miss!

General Sessions

Embracing Change and Creating Opportunities with Dr. Marcus Abboud and Straumann

The time to embrace the digital workflow is NOW! As we kick off Straumann's Digital Dentistry Symposium, join Straumann and Dr. Marcus Abboud, Scientific Chair, as they introduce and discuss the fully integrated digital workflow and why it is important -for clinicians and patients, alike- to embrace change and create opportunities.

Efficient Treatment Protocol with Dr. Will Martin and Dr. Adam Hamilton

This session will explore different digital dentistry workflows and how to determine the most efficient treatment protocol for the best possible outcome and satisfaction for the patient. There are many ways to utilize digital dentistry and Drs Gallucci and Hamilton will discuss the path to the most efficient protocol for your practice.

Practice Efficiency: Increasing Patent Case Acceptance through Efficient and Predictable Treatment Outcomes with Dr. David Rallis

How can you increase practice efficiency in your practice? Go digital. Explore how predictable treatment outcomes can increase your case acceptance through using the digital workflow.

How technology, Demographics and Values are Disrupting the Future of Work and Talent with Nancy Giordano, Stategig Futurist

Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Virtual and Augmented Reality, Drones, and other technologies are increasingly making certain job functions obsolete. Behaviors and attitudes are changing what we want to do for work. How will these change the nature of work, and how companies operate in the future? This session delves into both the advancing technologies and the critical shifts companies and the workforce must confront to stay relevant in the future.

Digital Marketing Makeover: Is your digital footprint winning or losing you business with Corey Perlman, Owner & President of eBoot Camp, Inc.

People make buying decisions based on what they see online. Are you confident in all of your online assets? Attendees will get a checklist of improvements they can make in every area that they are being evaluated including LinkedIn, Facebook, Google and Yelp.

Defining Your Own Digital Roadmap with Dr. Marcus Abboud

Now that you've seen what digital dentistry can do for your clinical protocols and practice, Dr. Marcus Abboud will discuss how to tie it all together and define key takeaways for immediate implementation in your practice on Monday morning.

Track 1 – Surgical

Improve your Referral Management with Dr. David Rallis

The key to making digital dentistry profitable and growing your practice is efficient referral management. Learn how the integration of referral management software can improve communication while reducing errors and increasing productivity for the surgeon, the referral and their staffs.

Minimally Invasive Procedures and Digital Dentistry with Dr. Farhad Boltchi

Using planning software, clinicians can potentially place narrow diameter implants with more accuracy, even in narrow spaces. In this session, learn now to design guides, plan and provide immediate temporization at the time of implant placement – all resulting in less chair-time for the patient.

Innovations in Digital and Biomaterial Technologies

Digital technology and biomaterials combine to create customizable solutions for patients with bone defects. Through a digitally scanned custom-designed bone block, patients are able to achieve the bone growth needed for adequate care. Explore a case, and learn indication to identify and treat.

Using Digital Workflow with Full Arch Cases with Dr. Yong-Han Koo

Full arch treatment planning and implementation can be complex. Now there are digital solutions to help optimize the planning and treatment process. In this session, you will learn about new innovations in the digital workflow for fully guided full arch treatment. Revolutionize the way you approach full arch treatment, and take away tips to immediately implement in your practice.

Track 2 – Restorative

Tooth Borne Digital Workflow for Chairside Milling

In a busy general practice, having access to the digital workflow can help reduce chair time and provide predictable patient outcomes. Learn how to leverage your investment in digital by understanding the chairside workflow for tooth borne restorations. This session will explore the workflow from the intraoral digital impression, to the scanning, design and milling of the final crown in the comfort of your own practice.

Implant Options: Your Roadmap to Success with Dr. Bob Vogel

An intraoral scanner is the starting point for implant treatment in digital dentistry. Dr. Vogel will describe how to leverage your investment, improve team communication and reduce chair-time and cost for the provisional and final implant restoration. Learn how to implement an intraoral scanner in your practice, how you should train your staff and what benefits this brings to patients – all while helping to grow your practice.

Orthodontic Options: Leveraging your Digital Investment with Dr. Jeffrey Briney

With a versatile equipment like an intraoral scanner, clinicians can expand their clinical offerings to patients. Dr. Jeffrey Briney, orthodontist, will explore how to incorporate orthodontics into the digital workflow effectively and reduce patient concerns of time, pain and money.

Using Guided Surgery Efficiently with Dr. Todd Engel

Not all cases can be planned effectively in office. Discover when and how to outsource your treatment planning for optimal results when necessary.

Track 3 – Lab

3D Printing

In this session we will explore 3D printing, what can be printed and how to incorporate it into the Dental Lab.

Milling: Outsourcing vs. Insourcing with Alex Wuensche, CDT

Explore the opportunities of outsourcing versus insourcing for milling purposes with a variety of different and innovative materials including zirconia and chrome cobalt.

Social Media: A Lab Differentiator with Ashley Byrne

Social media is impactful – but what does that mean for your dental laboratory? Learn the power of social media from one of the dental industry's leading sources. #Dontmiss this discussion.

Full Arch Digital Workflow for the Lab

In this session, we will explore the team approach to the full arch digital workflow, and examine how the Dental Lab is involved in the process. A review of the digital full arch workflow and also discuss the business element of incorporating full arch digital treatment into your Lab.