Practice Building Techniques for the Implant Coordinator: Ambassadors of the Team Approach to Practice Growth


• Recognize individualized strengths and how to incorporate in defining role and responsibilities
• Establish value proposition for the team approach between specialist and restorative team
• Identify effective communication strategies and verbiage to promote growth with referral practices
• Clearly define roles/responsibilities to enhance the impact and effectiveness of your team
• Implement effective engagement strategies with referral practices


In today's competitive marketplace referrals are being pulled in many directions. How you differentiate your practice among your referrals is critical to building a sustainable partnership. C.O.R.E.2 - Foundations is a strategic approach focused on building a high performing team poised to deliver comprehensive patient care, service excellence and practice growth. A highlight of this program features valuable action planning tools, organized work flows and communication plans geared to develop leaders at all levels on the dental team.
While this program is designed to elevate the skill sets of the implant coordinator, treatment coordinator and professional relationships director, all team members are encouraged to attend.

Day One - Many communicate and few connect. Understanding your individual communication energy and learning style is fundamental to becoming an effective leader and building trust with your referrals. Defining roles and responsibilities paired with an emphasis on the awareness of each individuals strengths, builds a high performing team culture. A highlight of day one focuses on Communication and Organizational Development.

Day Two - People want to be lead, not managed. Your referrals have a choice when entrusting their patients to your practice. Building value geared towards the individualized needs of your referrals and their teams is essential to building loyalty as well as the long-term health of your practice. Learn what your referrals want, anticipate their needs and synchronize your work flows to grow together. A highlight of day focuses on establishing key metrics around your referral network and developing shared interests with proven practice growth strategies poised to differentiate your practice.

Participants will receive a program workbook and have opportunities to network with faculty and attendees from all across North America.

August 27-28, 2020Toronto, Ontario

Location: Allied Centre for Continuing Dental Education
660 Petrolia Rd, North York, Ontario M3J 2V2 (CA)
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October 22-23, 2020 in Andover, Massachusetts
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August 27-28, 2020
in Toronto, Ontario
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Office Staff, Hygienists, Auxiliary Team, Office Managers, Implant Coordinators








11 hours