Synergy: The Single-Tooth Workflow: A Hands-On Experience; Part of the Digital Workflow Concentration


After attending this program, the attendee should be able to:
• Define and reference evidence-based digital approaches to
accelerated and esthetic implant procedures
• Understand the indications and use of the synergy workflow in the
replacement of single missing teeth.
• Become familiar with intra-oral scanning and virtual wax-ups.
• Become familiar with importing DICOM files and implementing synergy
with the virtual wax-up allowing restoration-driven positioning implants,
template design and fabrication.


The maturation of the field of implant dentistry with regards to digital
technology and materials has improved treatment efficiency as well as both
esthetic and functional predictability. The utilization of a comprehensive and
synergistic digital workflow, based on sound evidence-based principles and
team communication, is one way to satisfy these demands. In a single-tooth
replacement situation, the synergy workflow incorporates digital acquisition of
patient data, a virtual wax-up, pre-surgical planning of the implant position
followed by template and provisional fabrication through an additive or
milling process, prior to initiating the surgical procedure.
This two-day course will focus on the technology utilized in the synergy
workflow through lectures and hands-on sessions. Participants will be given
presentations that demonstrate the step-wise process followed by hands-on
sessions executing the principles taught. Participants will experience the use of
an intra-oral scanner, perform a digital wax-up, import a DICOM file and
merge it with the wax-up, plan implant placement, design and print a surgical
guide and mill a provisional. On a patient simulated model, the participant will
place an implant with fully-guided surgery and deliver the implant supported
provisional. All course participants will keep the hands-on model as a valuable
patient education tool to be used in their practice.


Surgeons, OMS, Periodontists, Office Staff, Restorative Dentists, General Practitioners, Prosthodontists, Office Managers, Implant Coordinators








16 hours